Once past the electric gate at the entrance to Lake Rockport Estates (“LRE”), the roads are privately owned and maintained by Lake Rockport Estates Property Owners Association (“LREPOA”) and funded by the property owners.

There are over eight miles of dirt roads within the subdivision. Because of the significant elevation change from the gate entrance to the top of the mountain, many of the roads are steep and sometimes narrow. Just because you can drive to your property during the summer, does not guarantee that you, your guests or even emergency services vehicles such as police, EMTs, fire trucks, etc., can get there all year. Emergency services cannot be guaranteed. Under some conditions, you may find that emergency response is extremely slow or even unavailable due to circumstances beyond the control of the emergency services providers.

And with over 1000’ in elevation gain, road conditions can vary dramatically. Early spring rain at the gate can be a spring snow storm at the top of the mountain. The south side of the mountain can have bare roads and the north side of the mountain can have 4′ of snow pack.

In the winter, some of the roads become impassable. You will need a four-wheel drive vehicle, snow tires and/or chains, and perhaps even another mode of transportation to travel under those conditions. Living in a rural area means developing special driving skills and good judgment. All season mud and snow tires are not always adequate for winter travel at Lake Rockport Estates.

The Homeowners Association plows the road from the gate to the dumpster area only. It provides no other type of winter maintenance. Some of the roads are plowed by privately owned vehicles that are required to follow the Associations guidelines; however, they do so strictly on a voluntary basis. And it is not unusual for voluntary snowplows to push snow into driveways when they pass. Just like in the city, it is your responsibility to clear your own driveway. When clearing the driveway the snow needs to be shoveled to another location on your lot, rather than back into the street.

Please keep in mind that unpaved roads often “washboard” when dry and create dust, and become muddy and slippery when wet. You will experience an increase in vehicle maintenance costs when you regularly travel on rural roads–and expect dust in your home if you are situated close to the road.

Many large construction vehicles cannot navigate steep and narrow gravel roads. If you plan to build, check out construction access. Rural residences can be more costly to build due to building fees and costs required to get materials to your site. All roads are closed to trucks over 18,000 GVWR during the winter months.

School buses travel only on State Road 32. You will need to drive your children to the entrance gate so they can get to school.