General POA Information

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The LREPOA Board of Trustees works to ensure a safe and well-maintained mountain community. And requires community members to be aware of and abide by the CC&Rs, Amendments and other rules as described below.

In order for the Association to run as smoothly as possible and make necessary improvements to our infrastructure, you will be required to pay assessments–both annually and as special assessments. (Annual assessments are due January 1st each year.) See links below for our fee schedule and our assessment collection process.


Articles, By-Laws, & CC&Rs


Resident Rules:

Architectural Guidelines — Thinking about making modifications to your lot? To build or make changes to your lot in Lake Rockport Estates you must contact a Board of Trustees member first. And you will need to complete several steps in compliance with our CC&Rs and Architectural Guidelines. See Architectural page for details.

Cross-connection Policy — Backflows are required and are inspected annually. See link for details.

Drought Response Policy –See link for details.

Roads / Speed Limit — The speed limit is 18 mph–on all roads–for all vehicles.

Gate / Code / Remote — LREPOA members in good standing can request a code and/or remote. Cost varies by device. See form for details.

Snow Removal Release of Liability — This form must be completed and on file each year by October 31 for those wishing to voluntarily plow any/all LREPOA roads. See form for details.

Dumpsters / Recycling — There are three dumpsters–one to the left of the package shed–two to the right of the package shed in the fenced in area. Recycle bins are the three bins to the right of the dumpsters. No large items (furniture, grills, mattresses, etc.) or construction refuse of any kind should be placed in the dumpsters or recycle bins. Those can be brought to Three Mile Landfill less than a mile down the street.

Package Shed — As a convenience to our residents there is a package pick-up shed by the dumpsters. FedEx, UPS (and sometimes USPS) will deliver to this shed. There is a one-time assessment of $60 to join. (This assessment goes toward the cost of the shed and maintenance.) Please read and review the form carefully. Completed forms should be emailed to Alan Lindsley at [email protected]. Payment can be made in the form of cash or check.

Mailboxes — Residents can request a mailbox.  Form can be accessed here. Please contact Alan Lindsley for details.

More “good to know” information can be found on our FAQ page.

Assessments and Fees:

Assessment Schedule

Assessment Invoicing Process and Procedures

Lake Rockport Estate Plat Maps:

Lake Rockport Estates Unit 1 Plat Map

Lake Rockport Estates Unit 2 Plat Map

Lake Rockport Estates Unit 3 Plat Map