All building on the mountain, including any site modifications or additions, must be approved and monitored by the LREPOA Board of Trustees.

Please request a contractor’s gate code—good for (1) one year—at no charge. This will eliminate the need to change your personal/lot code after construction is complete. Contact Alan Lindsley, Mountain Manager, at [email protected] for the code.

Please contact a member of the Architectural Committee to begin the process.

Upon initiation of your project you will be directed to an Architectural Committee member that will walk you through the building/modification process and monitor your progress.

Application and agreement for water services for informational purposes only. Original Water Agreements required for Summit County will be issued by an architectural committee member.

Below are several required forms* that must be reviewed and completed before constructions can begin.

*Forms must be signed and submitted prior to receiving approval. This  ensures all lot owners are aware of the rules and regulations of the Association and come into full compliance.

Please note: Lot owners are responsible for all activity of their contractors–and may be responsible for damages caused by their contractors–so it is suggested that these forms are reviewed, understood and shared with all individuals involved with the project.

Step 1: Review the Following Documents

Architectural Guidelines
The above link takes you to the LREPOA Architectural Guidelines that outlines the rules for all construction projects in the Association.

Construction Regulations
The above link takes you to the LREPOA Construction Regulations that describes all rules that must be followed during construction.

Inspection Checklist
The above link takes you to the LREPOA Inspection Checklist that notes all required inspections at each phase of your building project. Inspections are performed by one or more Architectural Committee member(s) and lot owners are responsible for notifying their assigned Architectural Committee member when they are ready for their inspections.

Assessment Schedule
The above link takes you to the LREPOA Assessment Schedule that outlines the fees associated with new construction.

Step 2: Complete the Forms

Submission Requirements
The above link takes you to the LREPOA Submission Requirement form that gives you an overview of the documents that have to be submitted to the Board (through your assigned Architectural Committee member).

Step 3: Complete the Building Application

The above link takes you to the LREPOA Building Application that you will need to submit–along with your blue prints–to your assigned Architectural Committee member one week prior to the monthly Board meeting. The application and blue prints will be reviewed at the next monthly Board meeting and you will be notified once your application is approved.